Disposable Aluminum Creme Brulee Cups We are very proud to offer this exclusive product to our customers. These beautiful copper colored creme brulee cups provide an elegant look for your creme brulee creations that are also disposable. We can produce these cups in a variety of colors based on your needs.
Disposable Aluminum Creme Brulee Cups
Design Elbin International takes you through every step of the process from design to manufacturing. Our 3 decades of experience have taught us many things about what works and what doesn't in the design you are looking for. Our extensive network of designers and manufacturers will make sure you get the product you want, exactly how you want it.
Extensive Network Our extensive network of manufacturers, inspectors and designers has been building for over 35 years. What this means is it allows us to find you the best and most economical manufacturer for your product with the highest quality standards.
Extensive Network
Logistics Elbin International handles all of the logistics for you. From the design, manufacturing, inspection, shipping and final delivery. All done in a timely and cost efficient manner with maximum results.
Global Trading Our extensive connections around the world means that we can manufacture and ship your product from anywhere, to anywhere on the planet.
Global Trading